Solar RV/Marine Kits

Kelln Solar RV kits use a low-profile peel-and-stick solar panel to adhere to the RV roof, and a digital regulator to control the charge to the battery.  The panels are shatterproof, shade-tolerant, and have minimal high temperature output loss.

The RV Kit#1 includes one 68-watt solar panel which provides about 4 amps of battery charging in every hour of full sunshine.  The solar panel requires a flat area - 5-1/2 x 9.-1/2 ft -   where its self-adhesive secures it tight on the roof surface.  The regulator provides readout information such as charging amps or battery voltage, and can accommodate additional panels.

Kelln Solar Add-On kits are designed to provide that easy expansion for those who want more power for their RV. The Add-On kits can be used to upgrade an existing solar power system, even if it is not a Kelln Solar system. Kelln Solar kits allow you to add another panel to provide more power to your solar system – just mount and plug it in.

The kits include panels, wire, and all of the mounting hardware you need to install the additional solar panel.


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