SaskPower Net Metering Program

If you’re thinking about doing solar in Saskatchewan, the time is now to ensure you get 20% of that system paid for by SaskPower!

To qualify for the refund, you (with our help!) need to have submitted your interconnection study for NetMetering to SaskPower prior to November 30, 2018. We then have a year to get your system installed, connected to the grid and apply for your rebate (which is a lot of time!)

What is the Interconnection Study?

SaskPower takes a look at your address, and, the transmission and distribution equipment in the area to ensure the grid can handle the solar flowing back into the grid. 99% of the time, the answer is yes.  We’ve yet to come across the 1% when they say no.

What happens when they say yes?

We install your system! It takes about 4-5 weeks for the study to be completed and approval to be granted for net metering. During that time, we are busy ensuring we have all the components of your system in stock, and we have a work plan to complete the job safely and on-time.

What happens next?

Once your array is installed and connected to the grid, we arrange for an inspection, as all our work must be done to code. Once we pass inspection, the system can be turned on and you can being offsetting your usage immediately.

The Final Step

SaskPower meter services will install a bi-directional meter, so they can track the power going back into the grid. During the day, the meter turns backward as you feed the grid, and in the evening it will go forward, as you draw from the grid – this is net-metering. Our goal is to have that meter as close to zero at the end of the year as possible.

So, if you’re interested in grid-tie solar for your home, or business, drop us a line, or request a quote on our site, and we’ll be happy top help you harness the power of the sun.