Kelln Solar in Regina- How Solar Panels in Regina Work

How Solar Panels Work

Explaining The Solar Energy Process

Solar panels in Regina work by turning the sun into electricity, which may seem simple when put like this, but it’s not. The technicalities of solar panels in Regina can be intimidating and confusing. One of our most frequently asked questions is, “how do solar panels work.” In this article, Kelln Solar will explain the multi-step solar panel process.

Generating Electricity

It’s obvious that solar panels in Regina generate electricity from the sun, it’s why we put them on our homes. However, what is a semi-secret is just how they do that. First of all, solar panels have what is called a silicon photovoltaic solar cell. The solar cell is responsible for absorbing the sun’s energy. Then, as the sun’s energy reacts with the photovoltaic cell, elections begin to move. The electrons then create a flow of electricity. Wires then catch and move this direct current- or DC- into a solar inverter. Next, the solar inverter converts the DC into alternating current- or AC- electricity.

How is The Electricity Used in My Home?

Now that you understand how the sun’s rays are turned into energy, we’ll address how this electricity is used in your home. To start with, we’re going to go back to the solar inverter. If you remember, the solar inverter changes DC energy into AC energy. The solar converter does this because DC energy cannot be used for general appliances, but AC energy can. From this, the solar converter disperses electricity to the rest of your home. However, what if you produce more power than you need? Well, the solar converter thought of that too and will send electricity back to the grid. Better yet, most governments will provide credits for this that you can use on a future bill.

Utilize The Sun

           We are lucky enough to live in a time that we have the technology to be able to harvest the suns energy. Kelln Solar sincerely hopes that understanding just how solar panels in Regina work will make your decision to get them more comfortable. The cost of solar panels in Regina is continually decreasing as demand increases, making them more affordable than ever. Also, Saskatchewan has tax incentives for those with solar panels in Regina (and the rest of Saskatchewan). Additionally, Regina and the rest of Saskatchewan is the best candidate in Canada for solar panels because of the most sun exposure, already high electricity rates, the SaskPower solar rebate and, a large pool of solar panel installers. Kelln Solar is here to help you navigate the world of solar power in Regina, give them a call!