Solar Panels in Regina for Winter

Solar panels in Regina

Thinking of the winter cold and snow can be discouraging for anyone. The cold air, the
wind that hurts your face, the cost of heating your home. Solar panels in Regina are well known to be
awesome at providing power, but if they work off of the sun, will they work in the winter

Solar panel and snow?

When finding solar panels in Regina, you can often find lower prices in the winter months, given there is less competition. Solar panels are an investment, and any good investment should be working in your favour all year round, including in the winter. Plenty of people have both solar panels and snow. Don’t let cold weather and snow discourage you! A common myth is that solar panels don’t work in the winter. However, the cold temperature will almost always improve the solar panel output. The white snow can reflect light and help improve performance, winter will only hurt solar panel production if the panels are covered with snow.

Solar panel regina winter


So what happens to the performance of your solar panels in the snow? The further away from the equator you are, you will generate slightly less power in the deepest and heaviest months of winter, but it can be made up for in the summer months. Solar panels and snow usually cause very minimal problems. However, there are a few things to consider about the implications of winter weather before you take the jump to install the panels.

1. All solar panels are deigned to handle some weight, and snow will not usually be heavy enough to cause an issue. Ratings vary by panel, but they all undergo pressure tests to assess durability and quality.

2. If your panel is covered in snow, then they can’t produce power, it’s easy to clean them off with the right tools. Solar panels need sun to produce power, so they can’t produce power if they’re covered in snow. Most panels are tilted at an angle, so snow will slide off as it melts, but that will take time. A solar panel snow rake can help speed up the situation, as they’re make to remove snow without damaging the panels.

3. The cold, sunny weather we get in fall and spring, is actually good for the panels. Like most electronics, solar panels function better in cold conditions rather than hot. This means that the panels will produce more power for each hour of sunshine during those short winter months.

Investing in Solar panels in Regina

Solar panels are an awesome investment to make, not only are they best for your budget, but they’re awesome for the environment. The snow shouldn’t deter you! The snowy conditions of Saskatchewan can actually provide better power output per hour than the sunny climate. As long as you keep your panels clear of snow, you can produce more than enough power. The experts at Keln Solar have years of combined experience, and can guide you through the whole process, making it easy and seamless. Give us a call today.