Become More Eco-Friendly with Solar Panels In Regina and Other Tips

Installing Solar Panels in Regina

Solar panels may seem like a costly and ineffective expense, but they’ve come a long way. Solar panels can even reduce your power bills. With Kelln Solar in Saskatchewan they can install solar panels in Regina for your residential or commercial property. Being eco-friendly can be really easy once you’ve settled into it.


Eat Less Red Meat 

Weirdly enough, cutting back on your red meat can make a significant impact on the environment. More than 30 percent of the earth’s surface is used to raise and maintain livestock. 65% of all human-related nitrous oxide is generated from eating red meat, according to the United Nations study. Reducing your red meat intake would be a very important move in reducing GWP gases overall. Having less livestock in general would also mean more land we can enjoy for ourselves.


Waste Less Water

Aside from not buying water bottles, using less water can be very beneficial for the environment. Taking shorter showers or installing a low-flow shower head can make a big difference and will be worth it when you receive your next water bill. Regina has been known to have some tap water issues so it’s easy to opt for water bottles, but another way that’s more environmentally-friendly is to contact the city of regina for a free tap-mounted filter unit.


Eco-Friendly Regina


Take Public Transport

Driving your car to work in the morning may be convenient in some ways, but at the end of the day it’s expensive, stressful, and bad for the environment. If you have the privilege, you should consider walking or biking to work on the weather-friendly days. Having a bit of exercise in the morning is proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Taking the bus is also a great money-saver.


Use Reusable Bags

Plastic bags at the grocery store are great but most people only use the plastic bags one time. Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose and are the cause of 100,000 sea creature deaths a year. An easy fix and possibly cheaper alternative to plastic bags is to purchase reusable cloth bags. Cloth bags can last you a long time and won’t just end up in an unending pile under the sink.


Reduce Your Power Use

Besides installing solar panels in Regina, being more self-aware with your power use can be extremely beneficial to the environment. Turning off your lights when you’re not in the room, buying eco-friendly bulbs, lowering your thermostat can all help with reducing your power intake. Overall, when it comes to being eco-friendly, less is more. Mostly, being an example for others to live more environmentally conscious is the best thing you can do.6 Ways To Help Your Home Become More Eco-Friendly In Regina

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