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solar panels regina

Helping the environment with Solar Panels in Regina

Getting solar panels in Regina can be a little expensive to get at first (even if they pay for themselves over the next few years) or a little complicated to get if you don’t own your house, we understand that. But having solar panels in Regina is part of a lifestyle, one that respects the environment. 

Just because it’s too complicated for you or you are not ready to invest in solar panels in Regina, it does not mean that you can’t do your part to help the environment. At Kelln Solar, we have compiled 3 little habits that you can change in your everyday life to reduce your environmental footprint and spread this message. 


1. Walking Helps a Lot!

Not only is walking good for your health, but it is also a great way to help the environment. Cars are responsible for more than 20% of the planet’s carbon dioxide emissions. Choosing to walk or to cycle will make you a part of the solution. Our tip is simple if it’s inside a 20-minute walk radius, you should not take your car!

solar panels Regina

2. Be Smart About Your Electricity Usage

It might seem simple and it is! Doing things like turning off the lights if you are leaving a room for more than 5 minutes to save not only electricity but also money! Being eco-friendly will not only help the earth but it will also help your wallet in the long run. Other tricks to help (other than turning off the lights) would be to: 

  • Beware of Phantom Current! Phantom current is all those appliance and cell phone chargers that are plugged in without being used. If you unplug them, you will save electricity. 
  • Work a little harder when you can, for example if you drop something on the floor, could you use a broom instead of the vacuum? If so you will save some power again. 
  • On beautiful days, try to hang your cloth instead of using the dryer.
  • Buy Solar Panels to obtain a sustainable source of energy.


3. Try to Avoid Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is becoming a huge problem all over the world, we have huge plastic islands floating in the ocean. More than 50% of the plastic we buy is used once and then thrown away. Only a small part of that plastic is sent to be recycled or in landfills, the rest ends up in the environment, specially our oceans.

There are a lot of options to help like buying reusable straws or reusable water bottles. Each little gesture adds up and counts toward reducing your carbon footprint. 

Solar panels Regina

Buying Solar Panels in Regina

Another great way to help is obviously in choosing to use renewable sources of energy like solar panels in Regina. If you need more information on installing or financing solar panels in Regina, do not hesitate to contact us today!