Solar Watering System

A solar watering system that is used for a herd of cattle or other types of animals can carry many benefits. Check out Kelln Solar for a range of systems for you to choose from. Begin enjoying the economical benefits of harvesting the earth’s natural resources!


A solar watering system is very convenient for your animals and even you! Rather than having to design your pasture area based on water supply, installing this type of system keeps the process convenient! In addition, your herd will have to travel less distance to find the water they require, resulting in a more hydrated and healthy herd.

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Solar Watering System Is Safe

A solar watering system provides your animals with increased safety. Many livestock or other animal owners will often use natural water sources such as dugouts or sloughs for their herd to drink from. This can sometimes become unsafe for animals as it is easy for one to get stuck in the water. Even if you’re there to watch, getting a cow, for example, out of thick mud or deep water can be a very difficult task and will often end negatively for the animal.

Cleaner Water

Through a solar watering system, your animals can have access to much cleaner and higher quality water. Often water in dugouts or sloughs are mixed with potential toxins or other bad chemicals, especially on the surface. Animals, similar to humans, need clean water in order to maintain proper health. Additionally, often sloughs or dugouts will be infested with previous waste from themselves and other types of species, resulting a lower grade of water quality.

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No More Breaking Ice

It can get real cold during those winter months, as we know. Our Canadian winters can be extremely gruelling but also cause a lot of unforeseen issue. If your herd continues to simply drink from natural bodies of water during the winter, you’re probably quite tired of having to go and break holes in the ice in order to allow your animals to drink. Our solar watering systems continue to work in the winter months.

Energy Efficient

Lastly, but perhaps most important of all. A solar watering system carries all the benefits of renewable energy. By harvesting the suns capabilities, we are doing our part in reducing the footprint we make on the environment in a positive way. Additionally, utilizing a natural source of power, such as solar panels, can should be seen as an investment. Overtime, we are able to recoup the initial costs and begin operating from low to zero costs.

The specific time required in order to break even from your investment will differ depending on the system your operation requires. A larger system will likely take a little bit longer to break even on your investment but at the same time, it will save you incremental amounts of operating costs.

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Solar Watering System From Kelln Solar

Kelln Solar serves you for all your solar watering system needs. We’ve got a great selection of modules, pumps, controllers and anything else you might require to get your system operating as soon as possible. Give us a call today or stop and the team would be more than happy to help you learn about which system is right for you and your operation.