Diaphragm Pump System 12v


The 12V diaphragm is a positive displacement continuous duty pump which is capable of twenty feet of suction (self priming to 8 ft.) and is available in 12V.

It is an excellant, economical pump for smaller livestock numbers or cottage application, pumping from a surface body of water or suspended above the water in a well. It can be controlled by a float switch or because it is equipped with an internal pressure switch, it can operate with an optional tank to create a pressure system. As a positive displacement pump it requires freeze protection.

The system comes pre-wired and is plug and play making for easy installation.

Prices start at $1,575

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Included System Components:

  • Pump & 30 ft of wire
  • Solar Panels
  • Panel Stand
  • Intake Filter
  • Output Fitting (1/2″ Barb)
  • 1 Charge Controller with Low Voltage Disconnect
  • 1 Float Switch (30 ft)
  • 1 Battery Box