Solar for Commercial

Our commercial solar solution accommodates single phase and 3 phase power, and can be mounted on a sloped roof, a flat roof, or on the ground.  The commercial incentive program in Saskatchewan mirrors the residential incentives, and those who install solar are eligible for a 1 time rebate of 20% of the installed cost of a solar array. Commercial solar installations can help avoid costly demand charges from the utility and can provide operating cost certainty for years to come by reducing the amount you’ll spend on power for the next 30 years.   The investment in solar panels qualifies for accelerated depreciation for tax purposes, allowing for a faster pay pack period.

Flat-roof solar is generally done using a ballasted racking system to avoid penetrations and the possibility of leaks.  Kelln Solar has partnerships with strucutal engineering firms to offer a complete turn-key solution, including the structural engineers report for the additional load of the solar array.

Additionally, Kelln Solar offers solar water heating solutions for your commercial building.  Use the power of the sun to heat water for in-floor heating, processing or to supplement your hot water heater and save on operating costs, by utilizing the free resource of the sun.

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