Solar for Residential

Proudly serving Lumsden, Regina, White City, and Southern Saskatchewan.

Our residential solution is a grid-tie solution, where the power produced by the solar modules is converted to AC power, and used by the loads in the home, while excess power is sent back to the grid, for credits on your SaskPower bill.  The team at Kelln Solar will design the system, supply and install the array(install only available in Saskatchewan) and assist the owner in navigating the paper work required by Saskpower to ultimately connect to the grid, and begin reducing their monthly power bill.

Our urban residential solution will require the modules to be mounted to the roof of the dwelling.  Each module will be paired with a microinverter

In rural settings, it’s often advantageous to take advantage of the space available, and install a ground mount system, when designing  ground mount solutions we often use a string inverter, rather than microinverters.

Grid-tie solutions in Saskatchewan don’t typically include batteries.  The Saskpower grid is reliable and outages are often short-lived.  However, should you have mission critical appliances in your home, we can design and install a system with back-up power capabilities.

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