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Why choose solar panels in Regina?

No matter what your power needs are, solar panels in Regina are one of the most cost-effective solutions for nearly all of your needs. Trusted by producers across Regina and Western Canada, our solar panels stand up to the extreme weather Regina gets. Hiring the power company to run power to a remote location can be extremely costly. Save your hard-earned money and contact us today to find out how our solar panel products can help you.

Kelln solar inc. for all your power needs in Regina

Solar panels are used for all types of industries in Regina and surrounding area, including the agriculture industry, commercial services, and residential services.

solar power and agriculture in Regina

Our agricultural solar power solutions are designed for livestock producers across Saskatchewan and are proven to work during any season. We offer solar-powered livestock watering solutions for dugouts, rivers, creeks, and wells. Additionally, we provide the field-proven Aquatherm insulated trough in 100 Gallon, 200 Gallon, and 500 Gallon variations to assist in your wintering watering needs. Our water pumping solutions help keep your cattle watered, and keep your cattle out of the water, or off the ice in the winter. We offer floating, submersible and surface mounted pumps, and have pumps capable of lifting 200ft and horizontally transferring water over 1 mile. Interested in using solar power to meet the needs of your farmhouse and outbuildings? Visit our 'Residential Solar Panels' section to find out more.

commercial solar power in Regina

Our commercial solar panels accommodate single phase and 3 phase power and can be mounted on a sloped roof, a flat roof, or on the ground. The commercial incentive program in Saskatchewan mirrors the residential incentives. Those who install solar panels in Regina or anywhere in Saskatchewan are eligible for a one time rebate of 20% of the installed cost of a solar panel system. Commercial solar panel installations can help avoid costly demand charges from the utility. All while providing operating cost certainty for years to come by reducing the amount you'll spend on power for the next 30 years. The investment in solar panels qualifies for accelerated depreciation for tax purposes, allowing for a faster payback period.

Flat-roof solar panel systems are generally done using a ballasted racking system to avoid penetrations and the possibility of leaks. Kelln Solar has partnerships with structural engineering firms to offer a complete turn-key solution, including the structural engineer's report for the additional load of the solar panel array.

Additionally, Kelln Solar offers solar water heating solutions for your commercial building. Use the power of the sun to heat water for in-floor heating, processing, or to supplement your water heater and save on operating costs, by utilizing the free resource of the sun.

Residential solar panels in Regina

We are proudly serving Regina, Lumsden, White City, and Southern Saskatchewan area. Our residential solution is a grid-tie solution, where the power produced by the solar panel modules is converted into AC power. The loads then use the AC Power in the home while excess energy is sent back to the grid, for credits on your SaskPower bill. The team at Kelln Solar will design the system, supply and install the array (install only available in Saskatchewan) and assist the owner in navigating the paperwork required by SaskPower to connect to the grid and begin reducing your monthly power bill.

Our urban residential solution will require the modules to be mounted to the roof of the dwelling. Each module will be paired with a microinverter.

In rural settings, it's often advantageous to take advantage of the space available, and install a ground mount system. When designing ground mount solutions we often use a string inverter, rather than microinverters.

Grid-tie solutions in Saskatchewan don't typically include batteries. The SaskPower grid is reliable, and outages are often short-lived. However, should you have mission-critical appliances in your home, we can design and install a system with back-up power capabilities.

Our Process

Our expertise has led us to have a full-proof process for determining the right solar panel solution in Regina for you. If you're a producer, know your water source, lift and number of livestock you need to water. Potential grid-tie customers, look up your annual consumption.

  • 1 Speak to a Sales Representative
    Speak to a Sales Representative

    Contact us in Regina for solar panels, or a dealer speak with our proficient staff members to determine what Kelln Solar system product best meets your needs.

  • 2 Installation

    Our dynamic team of experts and dealers are committed to installing custom solar systems in a professional and timely manner.

  • 3 Let The Sun Do It's Job
    Let The Sun Do It's Job

    If money fell from the sky, would you catch it? By harnessing solar power, you ensure that this renewable energy is readily and economically available to you.

Local and Proud

Regina and the province of Saskatchewan is fortunate enough to have remarkable solar panel resources that are currently underutilized. With more hours of sunlight than anywhere else in Canada, Kelln Solar focuses on capturing the energy of the sun to power your needs through a wide array of solar system solutions. For livestock producers, you can avoid the infrastructure costs from your utilities and have power where your water is for a fraction of the cost. For all of your solar panel needs, contact Kelln Solar today!

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