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Proudly Serving

  • Agriculture


    Transform your livestock operations and increase farm yields by investing in clean water for your cattle. Clean water equals better weight gains, and higher returns

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  • Commercial


    Make your company an environmental leader. Reduce your carbon footprint and help your business move to be more cost efficient and sustainable.

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  • Residential


    Lock in the price of your power for the next 30 years, and become an environmental steward. Participate in the green movement and change the way our world is powered.

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Local & Proud

The Province of Saskatchewan is fortunate enough to have remarkable solar resources that are currently underutilized. With more hours of sunlight than anywhere else in Canada, Kelln Solar focuses on capturing the the energy of the sun to power your needs through a wide array of solar solutions. For livestock producers, you can avoid the infrastructure costs from your utilities and have power where your water is for a fraction of the cost.

Our Process

  • 1 Find your requirement

    Find your requirement

    If you're a producer, know your water source, lift and number of livestock you need to water. Potential grid-tie customers, look up your annual consumption.

  • 2 Speak to a Sales Rep

    Speak to a Sales Rep

    Contact us or a dealer speak with our proficient staff members to determine what Kelln Solar product best meets your need.

  • 3 Installation


    Our dynamic team of experts and dealers are committed to installing custom solar systems in a professional and timely manner.

  • 4 Let The Sun Do It's Job

    Let The Sun Do It's Job

    If money fell from the sky would you catch it? By harnessing solar power you ensure that this renewable energy is readily and economically available to you.

Why Choose Solar?

Whether you're moving water, providing light, or require a simple off the grid solution, Solar is one of the most cost effective solutions for nearly all of your needs. Trusted by producers across Saskatchewan and Western Canada, our Solar solutions stand up to the extreme weather of Canada. Hiring the power company to run power to a remote location can be extremely costly. Save your hard earned money and contact us today to find out how our solar products can help you.

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