Saving time and energy with remote watering.

Livestock watering is the meat and potatoes of our business. We excel at moving water in the summer, and making fresh water available in the winter – without the need to chop holes in the dugout.

Why use a Kelln Solar remote watering solution?

We have 35 years experience developing, refining and field proving our solutions, simply put. They work.


What do our systems do for you?

Healthier, Heavier Cattle – clean water results in weight gain, and keeping your cattle out of the water reduces the chance of foot rot.

Cost Effective – Our systems are often cheaper than the cost of running power to the well or dugout location. And, once installed, there is little cost to running our system. Additionally, keeping cattle out of the dugout prevents

Time SaverOur systems aren’t “set it and forget it”, but they don’t’ require the daily maintenance that fueling and starting a pump every day do, saving you costly trips to and from the watering site every day – sometimes twice a day.

Peace of MindWorried about cattle falling through the ice in the winter? Worried about falling through the ice while chopping a hole? Our winter watering system takes away that risk from your life, by providing fresh water away from the dugout.