Our Mission

We create high quality, reliable and practical solar solutions for our diverse group of customers. We strive to work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide an efficient and effective solution that will provide power for years to come.  Our sales and service team is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and able to solve even the toughest problem.

Our Vision

Kelln Solar will be the leading provider of innovative solar solutions for the agricultural, commercial and residential markets that it serves.  Through superior service, and attention to detail our solutions will stand the test of time

Our Experience

At Kelln Solar we have a 30 year proven track record of being a dynamic company that manufactures innovative alternative energy products for Agricultural, Commercial and Residential applications.  We’ve been providing solar solutions to a diverse and growing customer base since 1985. With over thousands of satisfied customers (over 12,000 watering systems sold) we continue to lead our industry with unmatched expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.


The Company

Founded in 1984 by Ken Kelln, a professional engineer, the company set a goal to provide clean water at an affordable price to livestock producers across Canada. In addition to providing leading edge solutions to water problems, Kelln Solar has leveraged its experience into other off-grid solutions including cabins, lighting and small power solutions.  As solar proliferated and became economical, Kelln Solar expanded into grid-tie solutions and became experts in that field, and are firmly established can meet any and all of your solar needs.  In 2016, Ken Kelln moved to a consultant role, and transferred ownership and day-day operating responsibilities to Derek Verhelst.

The Service Team

Strong customer support is an attribute that sets  Kelln apart from the competition, as a team we are dedicated to supplying the best service in the industry.  Our in-house expertise is further complemented by a Canada-wide dealership network with more than 30 active dealers servicing the agricultural producers and communities they live in.  Our team prides itself on being able to firstly meet your needs during the sales process, and secondly ensuring that the solution will meet your needs for years to come, through advice on maintenance to troubleshooting any problems that occur.