Roto Pump System 12V or 24V


The Roto Pump is a rotary-vane brass-body pump available in two standard output sizes – 3 gpm or 1.5 gpm – coupled with 12 or 24VDC motor. It is capable of 20 feet of suction (self-priming to 8 feet).

This pump is not tolerant of abrasive material in the water and does require intake filtration. It can be operated in a well of at least 6 inches in diameter or
larger, suspended above the water, and is often used with a sand-point source of water.

Warranty: 2 year

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  • Pump & 30 ft of Wire
  • Solar Panels w/ 12’ leads
  • Panel Stand (Double or Single)
  • Intake Filter
  • Output Fitting –3/4 ” Barb
  • Charge Controller w/ Low Voltage Disconnect (30A)
  • Battery Box