Water Source

Dugout or pond? Well – large bore or small? Knowing your water source, static water level, and refresh rate will help our experts pick the right pump for you.

How far are you moving the water?

First, what’s the lift from the static water level to the top of the trough, or for a winter system the apex of the hose. Secondly, how far from the water source is the trough or holding tank? And finally, what size pipe are you running? We recommend at least 1.5″.

How many animals are you watering?

Watering¬† cattle? Great. We assumed 18 gallons per day in the summer and 5 gallons per day in the winter, and will size a system that can move that much water. If you aren’t watering cattle, we’ll need to know how much water you want to move, and how often to size your system.