Batteries don’t die – they’re murdered!

Getting the most out of your battery requires 3 simple steps.

  1. Keep the battery charged! No problem – keep them connected to the system.
  2. Keep the batteries warm. Using a winter system, insulate the battery box. Summer system? Charge the batteries (let the sun do the work for you) and then store them fully charged in a heated location.
  3. Check the water level! Batteries are flooded with …. Water! Once  year, take the caps off the cells and top-up the water with distilled water!


What you need to know about batteries.

Batteries are crucial to keeping your system running. We protect your batteries by including a charge controller, which will regulate the charging and the discharge of your battery, and ensure optimal performance. 

Choosing the best battery for your solar panels involves many factors in your decision, including the battery’s capacity, power, efficiency, and costs depending on your needs. We have done this research  and we still recommend a flooded lead acid battery. We carry the Trojan line of batteries. 

6 V – Trojan Signature Solar Line – 235 Amp Hours (

12 V – Trojan Signature Solar Line – 170 Amp Hours (

12V – 27TMX (

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