The majority of Canada is covered in sunshine, and has excellent potential for a solar solution, as seen on the map below.

A solar module converts the irradiance into DC power, which can be stored in a battery, used by a DC powered device (such as a pump), or converted to AC power and used in your home, or sold back to the grid for a credit on your power bill.

  • Solar for Residential

    Proudly serving Lumsden, Regina, White City, and Southern Saskatchewan. Our residential solution is a grid-tie solution, where the power produced by the solar modules is converted to AC power, and used by the loads in the home, while excess power is sent back to the grid, for credits on your SaskPower bill.  The team at... Read more »

  • Solar for Commercial

    Our commercial solar solution accommodates single phase and 3 phase power, and can be mounted on a sloped roof, a flat roof, or on the ground.  The commercial incentive program in Saskatchewan mirrors the residential incentives, and those who install solar are eligible for a 1 time rebate of 20% of the installed cost of... Read more »

  • Solar for Agriculture

    Our agricultural solutions are designed for livestock producers across Canada, and are proven to work during any season.  We offer solar powered livestock watering solutions for dugouts, rivers, creeks & wells.  Additionally, we offer the field proven Aquatherm insulated trough in 100 Gallon, 200 Gallon and 500 Gallon variations to assist in your wintering watering... Read more »

  • Off Grid Solutions

    Complete Off Grid Solar Design Sometimes, you just want, or need to be off the grid completely.  When that’s the case, we can help you achieve your goal, by evaluating your power load, and designing a complete system to meet those needs.  Off-grid systems are more complex than a grid-tie system, and require the expertise... Read more »