How you are making an environmental difference when you decide you to install solar panels.

One can truly make a difference from a solar panel installation. We talk every day to a fair number of people about why they want to transform their homes by switching to solar renewable energy sources. The continued savings on energy bills are incredible and enticing. But the environmental benefits of renewable energy are still among the number one reasons why our people come to us for custom solar design and construction as they want to impact the environment positively.

Although solar panel installation is on your roof or properties will provide your home with 100 percent carbon-free renewable energy for years. There is some concern about the manufacturing process’s environmental effects needed to produce solar panels. Indeed, we have seen problems such as “are solar panels bad for the environment?” So, are solar panels excellent or bad for the climate, and how does solar energy affect the climate? 

Solar Carbon Footprintsolar panel installation

In manufacturing solar PV panels, some byproducts can be harmful. Raising questions about solar environmental impact with solar sceptics. However, when you put solar panel production into context with the overall benefit. From the carbon offset panels produce during their lifetime, the environmental benefits speak for itself. 

Comparing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Solar vs. Gas vs. Coal

Some may claim that there are still some greenhouse emissions to be considered in solar panels’ manufacture. However, these greenhouse gases are limited to the early stages of’ life’ throughout a solar panel’s lifetime. There’s no comparison when you equate solar greenhouse gas emissions to other sources of electricity. The carbon footprint of the solar industry is just 17.8 percent of the comparable carbon footprint of natural gas and less than 1 percent of coal-based carbon emissions, according to a report!

Solar Systems ReginaEnvironmental Benefits of Solar Energy

While the manufacturing of solar panels may not be entirely free of any environmental effects. When you think of a residential or commercial solar PV system’s 25 + year lifespan. The use of solar energy is substantially better for the environment compared to other types of power. It decreases the carbon footprint by using solar energy. Your home electricity won’t be a more energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable alternative than going solar! 

Plus, the advantages of solar reach far and wide when you look at the economic benefits you can see over your solar power system’s life and the 30 percent Federal tax deduction that is still valid until the end of 2019. The installation of a solar PV system also decreases your chance over the life of your network of paying volatile energy rates, which is like guaranteeing low, fixed energy costs for two and a half decades.

Still, Have Questions? Ask Us!

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