Solar For Your Farm

Solar For Your Farm

Have you ever asked how much the installation on your farm costs for solar panels? Well, look no further than, here’s the Kelln Solar to help you make the most significant investment in your farm’s future. Living in one of Canada’s sunniest regions, Saskatchewan is the ideal location for solar power production. Solar for your farm or field could be the ideal location for the next big solar farm in Saskatchewan!

More and more residents of rural Saskatchewan are switching to solar panels for power generation for long-term cost savings as well as the effects on the earth. You no longer have to fuel your farm by traditional means; the correct Solar Panel installation could offset your current power bill.

You’re paying a lot of money more than you need for power and if you’re like other farmers, Your bottom line is unstable, and You’re left feeling helpless and angry. The best solution is there. By taking care of your solar energy costs, you will secure your bottom line.

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Getting no control over the energy costs is tiresome. Vulnerable to rising energy prices. This is extra stress that you don’t need. Solar energy will help you secure your profits as well as provide your bottom line with sustainability for years.


There has been a lot of support recently for the micro generation of electricity utilizing solar panels for farms. No doubt you have seen at least one such solar project on a farm building or near you on agricultural property. Interest in investing in solar energy has increased sharply because of the genuine financial returns that can be generated through the production and use of your electricity and the reduction of your bills.

Why Does Solar For Your Farm Makes Agri-Business Sense 

With so much open field and roof space, solar electricity is a ‘perfect’ fit for the agricultural sector.

  • Improves cash flow by lowering operating costs.
  • For now, significant government rewards help the switch:
    • Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 30 per cent-transforms tax obligation into a capital investment.
    • Federal five-year depreciation of MACRS
    • Competitive USDA REAP annual allocations (funding up to 25% of the cost of the project).
  • Fosters the independence of resources for your farm by stabilizing the cost of electricity.
  • An investment that lets the next generation keep the farm in the family.
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Solar for your farm

Why Should You Use Solar For Your Farm?

The prices of solar panels have hit an all-time low, which, as Canadian trade policy changes, is possibly unsustainable. Similarly, there are already substantial tax benefits open, although the future of the federal tax system remains unclear. (In the pressing need to restore bee colonies *, solar arrays are now also being heralded as a small player.)




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Kelln Solar will provide advice on the best available options for your farm buildings and unproductive property, as well as the kind of returns you can expect to earn from your solar investment. Our professional team will work to design, deliver and fit a system that is suitable for your specifications for any size of the installation and whatever budget is available, and with the possibility of expanding it if necessary at a later date. 

Contact our team of experts today, and we will be happy to discuss more the real costs and returns of farm solar panels and how they might help your agricultural business. Call us free of charge or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.