The Process

How Much Power do you use?

In the net-billing world that Saskatchewan operates in, matching production to consumption will get you the most value of your system. SaskPower’s My Account offers a great consumption history that will help us size your system.

How much space do you have?

In the city and putting solar on your roof? Available space on your roof, free of obstructions will be a constraint. We start by filling the southern exposure, and then East and West, and almost never do we put solar on the northern exposure.

Live in the country and not putting them on a building? Space often isn’t the issue, as we can utilize ground mounts and position the modules directly south. We do need to know where you want them, so we can calculate and estimate how far we have to trench to tie the system in.

What are your financial expectations?

You likely have a budget, and we will work within that. Do you have a specific payback period in mind? Maybe there’s a rate of return you want from your investment? The more details you can provide surrounding your expectations, the more accurate of a system we can design to meet your needs.

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